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"14th street"


one hundred and fifty original prints are placed on 14th Street NYC

fifth part of the stickyfinger series (n°5/10) and

first part of the triptych "cut to Manhattan"

"14th Street in New York has always seemed to me like a limit, a geographical and cultural border, a Rio Grande that crosses Manhattan from East to West. I walked along this new parallelI placed one hundred and fifty prints there, some visible, others not."


"14th street - up and down"

GIAF Governor's Island Art Fair/NYC  -  September 6 to 28, 2014

150 original prints placed from East to West along the two "banks" of 14th Street.

The installation of the GIAF takes up the configuration and the distribution of the prints placed on both sides of the street (up and down) in two distinct and contiguous spaces.

a reproduction of each of the prints, contained in a transparent box (2,5x1,5in), is hung randomly on either side of a black line

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