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"crossing Broadway from north to south"    2017/2019

  second part of the triptych " section on NYC"  

three years after crossing Manhattan from East to West and placing 150 fingerprints along 14th Street ("14th St" - stinckyfinger series n°5)


this time I crossed Manhattan from North to South down Broadway from 175th Street (uptown) to Bowling Green (downtown).

205 fingerprints are placed at each street crossing.


stickers / map / photos / film / recording

aldo caredda compo insitu NYBroadway 300.jpg

"Crossing Broadway from North to South"

PORTAL Governor's Island Art Fair/NYC  -  August 31 to September 29, 2019

Facility : 205 blisters (card/photo/badge) 23x14cm. -  posters & movie

aldo caredda invit NYBroadway1.jpg
aldo caredda invit NYBroadway2.jpg
aldo caredda invit NYBroadway3.jpg
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