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"greetings from... Paris"  


“When a work is hidden where its only copy has gone”

An original print, a mailbox, a unique copy to a single destination.

From January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, 365 works on 365 mailboxes in Paris.

Day after day, 365 postcards invite to 365 exhibitions

a recipient receives a postcard showing the public mailbox closest to their home in which the card was posted.

On this card is stuck the “copy” of the original print placed under this mailbox.

Since then

“each day designates a collector whose private space begins in the public space”

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"at the back of the yard / under the box..."

greetings from Paris installation - gallery(s)mortier - space rue du Mail, Paris 2nd - October 2018


"Aldo Caredda's works are often hidden, perhaps so as not to be disturbed"


For at the back of the courtyard/under the box, the yellow mailboxes of Paris were chosen as the exhibition support.

greetings from... Paris, an odyssey carried out throughout the year 2017, every day a postcard was posted, invitation to a private exhibition.

Each recipient could discover a work not far from home placed under the mailbox shown on the postcard received.

365 boxes, 365 cards, 365 works, 365 collectors.

"greetings from...Paris"

3 editions #1 #2 #3

card holder - 365 postcards - vacuum packed. (52x23in)

framed diptych - plan and list of addresses. 2x(16,5x23in)

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"greetings from... Paris"

édition unique  1/365  à  365/365

Flyer (20cmx11cm) : Map (42cmx59,4cm) - carte postale numérotée et signée (10cmx15cm) - carton exposition "au fond de la cour/sous la boite" (galerie-s-mortier) avec empreinte originale (10cmx15cm)

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