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seventy-five original fingerprints are placed in the court square of the Louvre, Paris

fourth part of the stickyfinger series (n°4/10)

"L" - 2013

catalog “75gr” (ed.galerie Intuiti, Paris 2013)

paper edition 80x68cm

Front : choice of referring texts

Verso : reproduction of 304 prints (poster) including

            1 to 75 : placed in the square courtyard

        76 to 304 : first edition: 229 numbered and signed catalogs, accompanied by an original print in a blister pack.


The primordial gesture of painting, accomplished, repeated, with the tip of the finger. The index finger plunges into dark matter. Gets inked. The work is built in furrows. The imprint is digital, it is trace. Both object and signature, almost biometric. Not quite, though. Beyond the designs formed by the dermal ridge, a tiny addition of residual material placed in the center of the composite tells another story. The uniqueness is disturbed, the permanence of the cutaneous figure is then contradicted. identification impossible. The minutiae in repetition become divergent, irregular, unclassifiable. Each gesture creates a new universe, an anomaly. Perceptible, original, like so many new figurative scenarios. Cores, deltas, lakes. Arches, loops, swirls, folds, islands, hooks, bridges. And faces, structures or landscapes are identified and recognized. Accumulated on the web, these files of a particular kind compose a positive panoptic arrangement, a mirror, a recurrence. Stored on individual supports, the artist disperses his dermatoglyphs according to his desire for brilliance and dazzlingness. He sows these small but tangible proofs of his existence and spreads them while hiding them. Some have a dream location, others are even at the show. At the Pompidou Center, at Moma, at the Chelsea Hotel, in the courtyard of the Louvre... Others still circulate, forever mobile. But the enigma remains……Naturally. Which is beyond comprehension. It’s about giving, giving and adventure. Escape.

Pascale Geoffrois

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